formal business letter beginning

Hi All,

I am drafting a letter to one of the company heads(automobile) to share some experiences and have started off like this…

I am somehow not comfortable using the highlighted text and feel it doesn’t go well with the rest of the paragraph. Is there a better way of stating the same. The idea behind is to give the person whom I’ve addressed this letter to, some sort of weightage because it is being sent directly to him and not anyone below the hierarchy.

Many thanks

I would just say:
It gives me immense pleasure to be in the privileged position of directly sharing with you some experiences I recently had at a nearby showroom. The reresentative’s willingness to explain the features of the xxx and take me for a test drive was much appreciated.

I don’t understand why you are using lines of dots instead of full stops.

If I want to use exuberance in place of privilege as in

how should the whole sentence be re-phrased?

by the way, I used dots to mean there is a continuation of the paragraph

‘Exuberance’ does not seem to be an appropriate word there.
As you can see from my recasting above, I would not use ‘is truly a matter of privilege’ either. It sounds awkward and out of place.