Foreign languages

hello everyone,
I am lieka mia from Philippines 21 years old,

My sister and her family went to United State most of the people there speak English but my sister wanted that her children learn other languages especially German because, her
husband’s parents were German and every time they go visit them her children and grandparents didn’t understand each other.

one day i meet a friend on the net and he told me some thing about this one.
can you guys tell me if this could work?

It is a site that connects people to language schools in the countries where the languages are spoken. They seem to offer some good programs.

Thank you so much Jaime,

your answer really helps me, I will tell my sister about it.
am also preparing myself to go there to study some other
languages, my dad told me the advantages of learning
different languages. He did study several languages also before.
my sister wanted my dad to teach her kids but it so far.

maybe someday, i will be the one to teach her kids
if they have new one. Not now, I don’t know it already.

thanks again…
God bless you,