For me, this is the great site!

Hello everyone,
I am a Vietnamese. In my country, English is a foreign laguage. I have some problems with this language. Because when I say or write a English sentence, my husband is always find out some mistake. He graduated BA in English, and he is good at English skills. Now, he is a English tourguide. He expect me learn English more and more so we can chat confidently with foreign friends. I also tried my best to study it but …
Via Internet I accessed to many sites and i found this site. This is really wonderful site. Once again, i would like to say thank you to admin. Thanks you create it for me and for everyone.

Hi Tide…

In response to your appreciations for this site, as a fellow member, may I ask you ‘how did you benefit from this web project…?’

Please let us know how you make use of this forum. Your answer may guide some of our members to follow.

Thanks and regards,