For friendship: My city is Dharan. It's about 400 km east of Kathmandu...

Hi Everyone,
My name is Noren Lee, 30 yrs old. I am from NEPAL, South Asia. The name of my city is Dharan. It’s about 400 km east of Kathmandu . It is the largest and capital city of Nepal. Nepal is a poor country but very rich in natural resources, there are lots & lots of Himalayas, mountains, rivers, forests, animals & unique birds. Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world is here in my country aside from many other Himalyas. And tell you what, Nepal is the second richest country in the world as far as the river is concerned (after Brasil). And, Gautam Buddha was born here.
But I feel very much embarrassed to say that we are not able to produce the electricity by ourself, we buy it from our giant neighbor, India. And what else, up to a couple of months ago, there was a 16-hour of load Shedding. We’re forced to live in a complete darkness. At the present time, there is no load Shedding though there will be power outage at any time of the day or night but, the good news is, just for a few hours. I think I am boring you to death, so I stop here.
In the hopes of receiving your resonse.

Noren Lee

PS:Attn: Alan, Torsten, Tom, Kitosdad plus others, I request you to review this short writing i.e. typing /grammatical errors. Thanks.
PS 2: Can anyone give me the phone number or the mobile numbers so that I can call & talk and improve my spoken English?

Hi Noren,

I have read your piece of writing and have the following corrections:

“My name is Noren Lee. I am 30 years old and come from Nepal in south Asia.”
“…in natural resources; there are lots and lots of mountains, …animals, and unique birds.”
“…in the world, is here in my country, along with many other mountains in the Himalayas.”
“And…Brasil.)” [ This sentence is unclear. If you are speaking about the richness of your river system as a natural resource, you should elaborate on that a bit.]
“However, I feel very embarrassed…”
“…to produce electricity by ourselves; we buy…”
“Additionally, up to a …”
“…of load shedding. We were forced…”
“…no load shedding, though there could be a power…”
“or night. But the good news is that it would be for…”

If you have questions about why I suggested a change, please write back :slight_smile:

Shannon Cole

Hi Shannon,
Thanks a lot for correcting my post. Happy new year 2010.


Hi there,

My name is Vembe came from the word November. I’m from Philippines and my hometown is in Iligan City. My hometown is sometimes called the city of waterfalls. It is because there is lots of waterfalls, 20 plus waterfalls. One of the most visited waterfalls in our place called " Tinago Waterfalls" tinago means hidden. Tinago falls looks like a basin, it is very deep and icy cold. The length of that waterfalls is about 420 feet. We also have another waterfalls named Maria Cristina waterfalls also known as the mother of the Industry because it is the source of our industrial power in the city. If you want some refreshment and have some fun with your family through swimming we also have Timoga cold spring. it is clear clean spring that flow toward several swimming pool.

Hope my grammatical error will be corrected…Thanks a whole bunch and more power…God bless! : )

Hi Vembe,
How are you doing? I hope you are fine and so do your family members. I wish to come to your country when I have enough money. Please guide me, OK. Wishing you all the best on the occasion of new year 2010.

Noren Lee

Dear Vembe,

I have read your writing and offer the following suggestions to correct it:

My name is Vembe, which comes from the word “November.” I’m from the Philippines and my hometown is in Iligan City. My hometown is sometimes called the city of waterfalls, because there are lots of waterfalls – more than 20! One of the most visited waterfalls in our area is called Tinago Falls. Tinago means “hidden.” Tinago Falls looks like a basin; it is very deep and icy cold. The length of that waterfall is about 420 feet. We also have another waterfall named Maria Cristina Falls, also known as the “Mother of Industry” because it is the source of our industrial power in the city. If you want to have a fun, refreshing time swimming with your family, you should visit Timoga Cold Spring. It is a clear, clean spring that flows toward several swimming areas.

Hello Noren,

I’m doing fine,thanks God! How about you and your family? Sure I will. I don’t have much to brag about my my hometown,though… The only nice thing to visit is the waterfall if you like nature it will be pretty nice… Happy new year,2! May you will have good health and many blessings to come…Take care. :slight_smile:


Dear friend,

I’m so grateful that you offered some help in editing my sentences…Thank you so much.May God will always give you good health, abundant blessings and will have happiness,always… :slight_smile:

Hi Noren,

it is my pleasure to know you, I am new here in this nice forum, I like it.

Also I want to make new friends like you.

Thanks in Advanced.

Wishing you all a Blessed & Meaningful New Year and Brighter 2010… : )

Hi there,
It’s my pleasure to be your friend. Merry Christmas & a Very happy New year 2010.

Noren Lee

Hi Vembe,
Thanks a ton for your quick reply. It’s my pleasure to have your nice & complimentary response. One more time, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to you & all the people who know you. Thanks once again.

Noren Lee

Dear Shannon,
Thank you very much for your help & support. In my point of view, you seem to be a native-born, citizen of USA. To be honest with you, I prefer US English (that includes spelling, pronunciation, American accent etc.) to the UK one or any others’.
I request you to help me in furthering my American Studies, in whichever way you can. Thank you once again.
Noren Lee


Respected Shannon sir,
Is this your address & email, from which I can reach you? I would like to be your student and learn a lot from you. Specially, American accent aside from many other things. Thank you very much.


Cole Institute of Language
P.O. Box 1613
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
United States of America
(678) 971-8089