Food Mat in Pakistan

Here in Pakistan people do not always eat food at the table. Many a time they lay a cloth on the floor or carpet, set food there and eat with relaxation. I would like to know if it happens in other countries also! Is there any spicific name for the cloth that is laid and on which food is served? How about food mat? Here we do have a name for it.So could you tell me about some phrase which is synonymous to lay the table, but does not have this word in it. I mean table…since there is no table involved.


Hi Tom

When I picture myself eating food served at “ground level”, I picture a picnic. What I’d lay on the ground would be a picnic blanket.

Of course, a picnic typically takes place outdoors, but if I did the same thing indoors, I’d probably also refer to it as a picnic.



My picture is – a new flat in which you haven’t yet enough furniture.
It’s quite normal that this happy time your numerous :slight_smile: friends come to see your new home immediately and congratulate you ‘unofficially’ :slight_smile: – and it’s quite usual in my country to serve food in this case right on the floor. In your largest new and empty room :slight_smile:

There is a specific expression for that – [to eat/ to serve food] on newspapers, even though you (can normally) use cloth. :slight_smile: