fly to the moon?

Excuse me! Can anyone explain when do we use this phrase, plz.

Do you mean ‘Fly me to the moon’?

“Fly Me to the Moon” is a popular standard song written in 1954. It was titled originally “In Other Words”. The song became known popularly as “Fly Me to the Moon” from its first line, and after a few years the publishers changed the title to that.

Other than in relation to the song, it isn’t really a phrase in popular use. In relation to the song, I suppose it could be used to mean, “Make me very happy”.

I saw this phrase when i watched " American Idol show" .
" I’d love to fly to the moon, but i can’t.", said Simon - a famous judge in the show-, and the situation that he used this sentence is to give a “no” to the candidate.
00:33:23,730 --> 00:33:26,460
I would love to fly to the moon, but I can’t.

you can check it in American Idol s09e01.
thank for helping me.

Thank you for supplying the context. That is much easier.
The phrase as used by Cowell is quite literal. He is speaking about an impossible ambition.
He would like to visit the moon, but he is unable to do so (despite his wealth he is not an astronaut and there are no manned missions to the moon).
The person he was speaking to would like to be a famous singer - but he can’t (because he doesn’t have the talent).

Thank you so much. I got it. Very nice. I think the show has many things to learn. I like it. :smiley: