"flour" and "flower" - are they pronounced differently?


“flour” and “flower” - do they have different pronunciations?



As far as I understand, the phonetic transcriptions of both flower and flour are exactly the same with the stress on the initial sound (ˈflaʊə/ ˈflaʊə/). But I’m surprised that flour has one syllable and flower two syllables.

I hope Alan/Torsten/Luschen may be of some help to us.


I agree they have the exact same pronunciation. I think they both have two syllables, but they can both be pronounced with one syllable by sort of slurring the syllables together.




Yes, flower and flour are homophones.


I think you would pronounce ‘flower’ as two syllables if you were talking a bout what grows on a plant to make it clear you are not talking about ‘flour’.