Five poor countries in the world

I am a chinese, and i was wondering that why the fu-cking chinese government does not announce that china’s been running capitalism.It is an open book that the chinese government has already run capitalism since they adopted the open-door policy in 1978. How could they be so vile ? the poor chinese people are all being brainwashed by the fu-cking chinese communist party that china is still running the great socialism! Actually, the great capitalim made the chinese rich. Obviously,any country runs socialism, then they are doomed to meet their maker!
As you know there are five poor area in the modern world, the poor china, poor laos, poor vietnam, poor cuba, poor North Korea. The stupied follower North Korea, just follow the stupied china, why don’t you follow your brother south korea? see , how rich they are!and see how poor you are!
Anyway, the five poor countries will follow the great capitalist countries finally, actually they are doing what the capitalist countries do now!
I do disdain those countries, i do disdain the fu-cking ridiculous socialism!
As a chinese i do want to receive respects! But the fucking chinese communist party dominates the china, so we will never receive respects, we poor chinese will be blocked by the fu-cking ccp all the time. I think you guys can access to the CNN easily, but if you were in china, then that will be a God-given chance to open it!THe people who lived in that five countries will meet the same status!!! Oh that is the real fu-cking socialism.

It’s got nothing to do with the Chinese Communist Party. It’s because over here, on the Western capitalist side, people don’t want to be offended by swear words, so the forum software is set not to accept them.

Actually, they’re doing EXACTLY what the capitalist countries do now – except for a few things: the rule of law, property rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of religion, basic rights and the presumption of innocence to those who are arrested, product safety standards, the right to have as many children as they want…

Actually when he used a swear word, the software changed it for “I’ve tried to use a swear word but it doesn’t work here.” :slight_smile:

That makes sense. I didn’t understand the post earlier but now I do.

In fact I don’t think China is that poor after all. The income for the urban professionals is actually quite competitive compare to other countries. (If you compare apple to apple and not to factor in the currency exchange, also according to the standard of living there). The problems in China are, there are still too many rural areas are yet to develop and the total population in China is too big in which it causes the average income lower. The income gap is far too big for those working in big cities and those living in underdevelop areas. Personally (again, it’s my own view), I think China will be growing big and strong in the next 5-10 years. Perhaps you will make $$$ if you buy RenMenBi now and to sell it few years later. :lol:

Hello Jamie
I totally agree with your opinion.
there is no human rights in china, I do feel so upset that the poor chinese are all being brainwashed by the f-uck-ing chinese communist party! How i wish the fuc-king ccp be knocked down one day!
the chinese people need human rights, we do need human rights!!!11

I do envy you japan very much! you are a great country!you chose the capitalism and you did achieve great progress, right choice made you japan rich, and you japanese recived respect all over the world! It is well known that: the only way to make you rich is to run capitalism!

Who does it make rich?

I wanna know where do you come from? if you are from one fo those five countries, then i have to tell you that: capitalism can make you rich!!!
forget the stupid socialism!

Me personally? So everyone in capitalist countries is rich, right? :shock:

Neverland, I think you are a bit too extreme in this case. For me, I think every country has it’s own rights to do what is best for the citizens. (Probably not, but if the government or the leaders think so) Perhaps China is not so ready to go into capitalism at this point in time. The least we should do is to respect each and every country’s Economic Policy be it China or other Western countries!

In capitalist countries that have rule of law and human rights, in general everyone is richer than they are in hardcore socialist countries. We have people in the US who complain that they’re poor, but they live at the material level of middle-class people in socialist countries or higher. It’s absurd when you see someone complain about living in poverty when he’s fat, has his own apartment, one or two cars, cable TV and other luxuries, but you commonly see that in the States.

What about all these Chinese I talk to who claim that everyone has complete human rights in China and that the reports of human rights violations are only propaganda?

I usually think of these people as being like Americans who claim that Chicago is a very safe city, just because they live in the safe part of it and have never been attacked. I interpret what these Chinese say as meaning, “I got the privilege of an education and a good job in China, so I don’t get involved in religion and I keep my mouth shut. Nobody bothers me.”

What do you have to say about their assertion that everyone has complete human rights in China?

I don’t think the comparative adjective was used above. Do you?

Are all those products bought and paid for, in general? How would you class someone as poor, Jamie?

You often get the same from people who have never been poor. They often criticise or disbelieve those who are poor.

Molly, you’re the one who thinks everything in life is completely relative, so play ball with me here.

A poor person in the United States is rich by Chinese or Indian standards, so it makes perfect sense that someone from China would believe that capitalism makes everybody rich. Everyone in the US is rich, except for a few mentally ill people who can’t take care of themselves, or some people who make deliberate choices that put them on the street. But usually when an adult in an advanced capitalist country is “poor” by the standards of that country (which is not poor by world standards), it’s because of choices he made.

Jamie, you’re the one who thinks there’s really only one way to go, i.e. your way. Playing ball usually involves more than one side, right?

All of the products get paid for one way or another, or the people wouldn’t have them.

But just because someone says he’s poor, it doesn’t mean he really is poor. A panhandler on the streets of Prague makes more money than a journalist in the same city.

Why do you think so many people lose them?

So no one’s poor, in your meaning of the term, in the States, right?

Love your “better off than you were when/would be if” approach. :lol: Is it from Disney?

There is a small number of people who, due to their own choices, wind up on the street – or even prefer to live on the street. But even those people get fed and cared for in the hospital. By world standards, nobody’s poor in the US. Attempts by politicians to convince people to the contrary are usually lies, as we’ve recently seen with a story Mrs. Clinton told (although she was merely passing on the story and wasn’t deliberately lying).

You need to use clearer wording, because I’m not sure I understood the comment.

Anyway, you can’t make the whole world live like upper-middle-class Europeans, because not everybody chooses to cooperate. So the best you can hope for is a system where everybody gets fed and everybody who wants to can stay out of true poverty. Capitalist countries do that now.

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