Five minute distance away!

Dear All

How many answers to the given question are correct?

Q: How far is the shop (from here)?

ANS-1: It is a five minute walk from here.
ANS-2: It is five minutes walk from here.
ANS-3: It is at five minutes walking distance from here.
ANS-4: It is at a distance of five minute’s walk.

If there is any better alternative, please provide me with that too.

Thanks in advance

[color=darkblue]With corrected punctuation, I like these:

ANS-1: It is a five-minute walk from here.
ANS-2: It is five minutes’ walk from here.

[color=darkblue]I can’t decide whether this one is extremely formal or just wrong:

ANS-3: It is at five minutes’ walking distance from here.

[color=darkblue]This one sounds like Indian English to me:

ANS-4: It is at a distance of five minutes’ walk.

[color=darkblue]Other native speakers might give you slightly different opinions, but 1 and 2 are absolutely correct.

MY dear AMY

What do you think about the last two sentences? Could we substitute DRIVE, RIDE, SWIM AND FLIGHT for WALK?


Hi Tom

I agree with Jamie that 1+2 are correct (with the added punctuation)

Sentence 3 also sounds wrong to me, but I would say “It’s within walking distance (from here).”

Sentence 4 - I’d never say it.

Yes, you could replace “walk” with DRIVE, RIDE, SWIM or FLIGHT in sentences 1+2 (although I’m not sure why anyone would take a five-minute flight. :lol:).