You might have heard of the tragedy that happened in Hungary some days ago.
There was a big fire in a building, and three firefighters died during their work.
They’re still investigating the case, but so far it looks like everything’s happened according to the regular process.
They followed the orders, and died.
At this very moment they’re considering the idea of changing some of the process.
Just right on time.
Unfortunately in my country this kind of thing’s got to happen to see some development.


I am very sorry about bad news from your country.

I think the firefighters are the best people and they gave them life for all people.

All people in world, they trust them.


Hi Spencer!

Sorry, I haven?t heard about that tragedy. :oops: So I don?t know what happened there.

But it seems that it was the typical case of just following the rules. I mean what does your government or who ever try to change? In my opinion it is really stupid to bind fire-workers close to rules. Of course, some experienced fire-workers can give advice, but since every situation while fighting the fire is different from what one could have experienced (that?s my imagination) it would be important to let them make their own decisions (basing on advice) in such dangerous cases and lots of training, of course.


Hi Spencer

I hadn’t heard about the fire in Hungary, either. Sorry to hear the bad news. But it seems to be the case everywhere that things are often not changed until after there’s been some sort of tragedy.

I know a few firefighters personally and agree with Mba: These people are heros. They regularly risk their own lives in order to save the lives of others. In the US, firefighters are often volunteers. In other words, they don’t receive one “red cent” for risking their lives.


In my country this kind of situation can happen when an inexperienced firefighter is promoted to commander due to nepotism or because of his race. Veteran firefighters then have a choice between following foolish orders from someone who has much less experience than they do, or disobeying orders and being punished.

The media treats people who do extreme sports as if they were tough, but firefighting is more physically, mentally and emotionally demanding than extreme sports are, plus it has a heroic purpose.

In the US, 343 firefighters died trying to save people after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.