finite verb

Is the sentence below correct? I just found it on the newspaper and wonder where is a finite verb.

“More than 200 students attending the two events, which ended on Tuesday”

That sentence is not correct.

It could be the opening phrase for a longer sentence
for example:
More than 200 students attending the two events, which ended on Tuesday, were treated to a magnificent visual feast.

or it is a typo and should read ‘attended’.

attended sounds good
it’s in the past


Yes, I think it is a typo since they put it as a complete sentence. Thanks to both of you.

I want to ask another question. Is it possible to put incomplete sentence as I gave the example above as a headline or a caption of attached picture?
Another examples are as following:

  1. Woman jailed for homicide
  2. Captain happy to abandon ship

If the first example was a photo caption then that explains everything. It is acceptable as a caption, because it is explaining the photograph. The photograph will have shown the crowd of students attending the events.

Your new examples sound like headlines rather than captions.

Yes. I only gave the headline examples, forgot already about the caption exampe one. Thanks for your explanation. :smiley: