Finish that story

Hi everybody,

I’ve got an idea, which might encourage people to write their own stuff. There would be a sentence posted to represent the start of a very short story and the idea would be for contributors to finish the story in no more than 100 words. Let me explain. This story might be called: The Mystery of The Dead Cat. The first sentence would read: When Margaret got home late at night, she was horrified to find the dead body of a cat lying on the floor of her sitting room … It would then be up to anyone to complete the story in no more than 100 words. Anyone interested?


That’s an excellent idea! It would provide an opportunity to use both imagination and skills, among other tools, and will surely make for a barrel of laughs… or goose bumps (and who knows what other sensations)!

Someone will have to make the first step, though, and then others are bound to follow. Afterwards, it will be interesting and fun to compare all the different versions of the story.

Hi Alan

What’s all this with dogs and cats? First it was infernal barking, now it’s mysteriously dead cats! Is there any connection there? :shock: :lol:

As an alternative idea, what about building “group” or “chain” stories? You start off with your “Margaret and the dead cat” sentence, then somebody has to post the next sentence. Then someone else has to add the third sentence, etc.


Hi Amy,

I like it! Qurstion is who’s going to make the first move? Maybe it’s a case of letting sleeping dogs lie.



([size=75]Scratching my head[/size]) I think, I would prefer not to be a pet near Alan. :wink: I probably weren?t capable to satisfy him, were I? :?

But about the story with Margaret?s dead cat; I?m a bit anxious as Margaret is the name of my wife and as she loves cats a lot I think I would prefer to be absence when the given case occurs. :roll: Experienced in such an occassion my going on the story were:

Seeing her dead little darling she cried and straightly became unconscious!
As Michael still had to fight at the ?beer-drinking contest? at the ?celebration of shooting a wooden bird? and lost once again, he came still an hour later back home, went into the sittingroom and found two motionless bodys. That of the dead cat and that of his unconscious wife.

Unfortunately, as Michael not only lost the contest, but also his recollection the next day, anybody else is needed to complete the story. :wink: :lol:


Hi Michael

How coincidental that your cat-loving wife’s name is also Margaret! :lol: Your continuation of the story is very interesting.

The suspense is mounting! Who will continue?


Michael says: “Wake up woman, where is my dinner?”
She didn’t say a word, but it was all right, 'cause she was still passed out. Michael was a good guy, but he had been working all day long (he was the president of Tzunamy) so he was too hungry to play games like dead-cat-and-the-wife-in-coma.
He stepped to the fridge like a man, and kicked it so hard he broke his biggest toe in two.
“Well” he said to his wife’s hamster, Piton "That makes us two alive, doesn’t it, hamster? "
The hamster couldn’t respond at once, he had to think first.
He didn’t have time though.
“There can be only one” The hamster said finally.
Michael had been known as a fast guy, but the hamster had the gun. They were still, looking at each other for about ten years. Michael knew, hamsters don’t last too long in the cities. They live well, but they die well.
He said “Hamster, my man, let’s find out what’s in the fridge,what do you say?” He managed a smile on his face somehow.
His wife woke up.
“Honey, someone killed this favourite cat of mine” She said right away.
Michael couldn’t stop being nice to her:
“Finally! What’s for dinner?”
She couldn’t believe her own ears. Her husband might be the killer, she thought.
She tried to sound casual, and asked him:
“By the way, honey, by any chance, did you kill some cat lately?”
She was smart,no doubt.
Michael didn’t hear the question, but thought, she might had said something.

Hey Guys, your turn :slight_smile:

Since I finally realized the point of this game, I have to make some corrections on my little story.
First of all,I should’ve written less than a hundred words.
And Michael, my friend was out not for work, but drinking with his friends. Thus (this is the first time I’m using this word, exciting, isn’t it) I have to delete my previous post.
I feel sorry for that little hamster, though. He was too cute little hamster to be deleted just like this.
All right, here is the CORRECTED version, within a hundred words, and without that poor little hamster you all hate! :slight_smile:

Michael couldn’t take his eyes away from his wife, and he needed all of his stength to defeat the panic that wanted to take over his body and run out of the door screaming, and yelling for help. He knew, the most important thing at a critical moment like this to stay calm, and ask the hamster.
"I don’t want to ask it! " He screamed his lungs out of his throat "It’s only a little hamster, and it hates me! "
He stepped forward to his wife,and reached into his pocket.
“I brought you something, honey” He whispered.

Hey guys, don’t let me down!
Did Michael go crazy and kill his wifes cat,or he only brought a flower and being too drunk he accidently put it into his pocket, or what?
Michael,my friend, what happened that day? :slight_smile:

Let’s hope Alan’s new self is a cat-fancier, seeing as it has to share the garden with a certain haughty and cheeky ginger cat…

This sounds fun, Amy ! If what has been sent so far in the way of stories is anything to go by, it could be hilarious. I really enjoyed Michael’s and Spencer’s thrilling accounts :lol: !

I think I’ll have a go at the new game :slight_smile: :

When Margaret got home late at night, she was horrified to find the dead body of a cat lying on the floor of her sitting room. As she reluctantly approached the inert figure, her already pale face turned as white as chalk at the sight before her eyes…

Someone must be itching to continue now (please, don’t let me lose face)!