Finding mistake (The jumping mouse , especially when...)

Please have a look at the finding mistake exercise below which makes me very confused:
1/The jumping mouse ,especially when startled from its hiding place,may take a few long jumps,but generally stop and remain motionless.
The mistake here according to my book is ‘‘stop and remain’’ but can you explain to me why it is not true?
Thanks in advance.

3rd person singular (The Present Simple): The jumping mouse (generally) stops and remains.

But the main verb here is ‘‘may’’.

Hi duc,

I agree with Inga. The jumping mouse can take a few long jumps but generally it stops and remains motionless.

may goes with take. It means ‘not always, seldom, it happens sometimes’;generally (stops and remains) is an indicator of present simple.
Stops and remains are not infinitive forms after may!

Oh ,thank you