Finding errors

This is Tony an English English teacher working in China. I am checking the recording centre for use by my students. I find that my first task is to highlight the difference between exiting and exciting. I hope everyone else has spotted this.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your message. Can you tell me where this error is, please.


Hi Alan message from Shanghai. Try and do a recording.

Sorry, don’t follow you.


Sorry. I wasn’t as helpful as I should have been. I was looking at your latest lesson received Why is speaking English so difficult? and the opportunity to record your voice. I was preparing to talk to my evening class and take them through the guidance notes for their first recording. There you will find exiting and not exciting in the box. Apologies I did not give a fuller explanation before. Tony

Hi Tony,

Welcome to our forum and many thanks for your question. It’s really exciting to see that a British English teacher working in China is explaining how to use our online voice recorder to his Chinese students! Please let us know when we can hear your students’ first recordings.


TOEIC listening, photographs: Sitting in chairs[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Tony,

Greetings from the United States! I wanted to take a minute to welcome you to the forum.

Please have your students check out the free listening exercises on the website. I’m sure they will prove to be a very useful tool for you and your students.

Take care,