Find the missing word.

I can’t find out a word that sounds good to fill in this sentence. Could you help me? He hates… He wants to stay a bachelor. I think it could be doctorate or mastering but not quite sure.


You might try looking up the word bachelor. It will help you to find the missing word.

I think it could be ‘marriages’.
Thus it becomes,
He hates marriages. He wants to stay a bachelor.

I know what bachelor is but still can’t find the necessary word in that position.

Well the fact that you think the missing word could be doctorate or mastering, suggests to me that you do not know the first entry in most dictionaries for the word.

What do you think it means?

Oh yeah. A single man. Well, what about marrying?

bachelor = single, unmarried
Bachelor = a first university degree

In your sentence word ‘bachelor’ suggests single one (unmarried) so the missing word should be marriage(s) or marrying :slight_smile:


Oh dear. If it’s women, then this guy is too severe. Am I right Mr. Kitosdad?