Find mistakes: Some are born in rich, however many are born in poor

I am looking for the mistakes in this sentence.Help me please!
‘‘Some are born in rich, however many are born in poor.’’
Ithink that ‘in’ is redundant.The sentence should be’‘Some are born rich, however many are born poor’’.What about your opinion?What do you think?

Hi, I would say:
Some are born rich, however most are born poor.
Some were born rich, but most of us were born poor.


I hope I won’t hurt your feelings by correcting your signature (under your question) … :slight_smile: ?
Nothing is impossible.
The second part of it is not correct either, but I can’t remember what it said and I can’t see it here right now… :slight_smile:

I agree that “Nothing is impossible” would be a typical collocation. However, “Impossible is nothing” was discussed at length here:

Hi Thang

You’re right. Using the word ‘in’ is incorrect in your sentence:
‘‘Some are born rich, however many are born poor.’’

Some experts will also tell you that ‘however’ must be used this way:
‘‘Some are born rich. However, many are born poor.’’

Hey, Gabriela!I don’t think it is wrong because it is a famous saying and I copied

Or -
“Some are born in rich families, and some in poor” :slight_smile:

Hey!Can you explain for me why they don’t use in,Yankee?

I don’t think as BuddhaGeo.Because in my opionion ‘in’ is redundant in your second clause.And if you say’in rich family’,then the second clause should be said’‘some in poor ones’’


I think “in” here is a preposition, and can not be followed by an adjective. “Rich” is absolutely an adj. When we say “The rich…”, or “The poor…”, or “The blind…”, we implicitly refer to “people”. The adj used in each sentence is itself an adj, I mean it doesn’t change to be a noun, and cannot replace a noun.

Hello Thang,
Maybe the following link is helpful for you
‘he was born blind’ (born blind?)

I dont think so . In my opinion , the word "however " is the mistake here . This is not a true conjunction . The conjunction here should be “whereas”
I hope my answer is a true choice

It is quite famous, but I can’t remember from where. Yankee’s have a language of their own. But its OK, they all have British blood in them somewhere.


Now, that sounded rather intolerant, Rob. Hmmm. :wink:

Oh Amy

me! I love Americans. in fact I love people.

I am the most tollerant person alive, except when I am in the queue!


Then I suppose you must love hamburgers, too.

Hi Rob, I can see that you have lived in Germany for quite a while – ‘tollerant’ is probably a new word based on the German ‘toll’ :-)?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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