Financial education should be a mandatory component of the school program. To wha

Financial education should be a mandatory component of the school program. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?`

It is evident that managing finance is a vital part of our lives. A person has to involve himself to take decisions about various financial matters in his day-to-day life. It is very important to take right decision at right time for better financial position and to manage available financial resources in the best possible manner.

To begin with, I strongly recommend that children should get the financial education in their school program. This will help them up to understand right from the begining of their carrer that whatever the parents are spending on their education is hard earned money. Understanding the value of money, they will utilize maximum of their talents to get the quality education which will be helpful for betterment of their future. In this manner they will start trying to reduce their unnecessary expenses and give less burden to their parents.

Secondly, when a person is having financial education in his early ages, he can give a hand to the bread winner of his family. For instance after completing secondary school, students can earn their pocket money by providing tuitions to pupil of primary level in their extra time. In this way he can not only earn a sum of money but also can refresh the basic understanding of the subjects he learnt. This will enchance his own knowledge and will also be helpful to get better grades in his further education.

However, while getting the financial eduation in school, children will start quantifying the things on their cost, value and utility of goods and services. This will create a emotion less behaviour in them and make them more self oriented towards money.It is really a dangerous outcome of involving school student in financial education.

Finally, there are pros and cons of including financial education as mandatory part of the school pragram. But I think the benefits are more than the demerits and we can educate the children in such a manner that they can differentiate as to where they have to apply their financial knowledge.

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Hi Anna, is this an IELTS question? The phrasing sounds like it. I think your essay is pretty good - you have addressed the topic fairly well, though I think everyone realizes the value of money whether they take a finance course or not. Financial education would teach your more about loans, credit cards, investments, interest and so on, none of which you really mentioned in your writing. Your sentences are clear, but you do have some errors in usage here and there. Overall, I would rate this a band 6.