Finally... My practice SAT scores are increasing

I usually do well on the practice exams and beat all my friends, but I need to do REALLY GOOD because I want to go to Stanford!!

I’ve been stressing a lot in the past, but I found an eBook that pretty much did it for me, it actually overprepared me, but it’s worth it because I feel more confident now taking practice exams. Takes a couple of hours to go through, but it works!

Good luck everyone!

Anyone else shooting for Stanford?

Hi. I’m shooting for Stanford as well. Actually, I want to go on to a higher level…maybe to Harvard or MIT. I’ve already applied to both of them. So far, MIT wants me because of my credits and other stuff like community service, trophies, etc. And guess how I did it? I went to testmasters, which is a SAT prep. And by the way, it’s 12 days with 3 days on each week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It is a little costly but don’t worry. I got a coupon code.

YAY! Congrats. I’m happy for you. =)