Fill each of numbered blanks with a suitable word

Hello everybody,
I’ve just finished my exercise. Please help me to check it. Thank you very much!

Fill each of numbered blanks with a suitable word

I am (1) a travel agent. (2)Of all the jobs I have had, this is the one I like the (3) most. It is certainly much more interesting (4) than my last job in the bank. I like meeting people and making sure they get (5) as good a holiday (6) as possible. But (7) most/best of all, I like opportunity for travel. I love to set (8) off early in the morning, knowing that I (9) will be arriving in some exotic place while everybody else (10) is stuck in an office of factory somewhere. It is fun when I (11) get there, trying to decide which seaside resort would be the (12) most interesting for a holiday or which hotel gives (13) the best value of money. It is (14) not so pleasant having to bargain with hotel owners, but (15) not job is perfect I think I (16) will stay in the travel business (17) until I retire. I don’t think that I (18) will find the other job which will give me (19) so much satisfaction (20) as this one.

I would have written ‘best’ for number (3), but ‘most’ works too, as in (7)

(15) should be ‘no’
(19) I would write ‘as’ - ‘so’ probably works.

There are typos and grammatical errors in the passage, but none of those errors affect your answers, the rest of which are correct.

‘best value for money’ / ‘another job’-- there are a few mistakes in the text, but none are yours, Wallflowergirl-- except for #15 (it should read ‘no’)

PS: I think ‘so’ is OK in #19, since the sentence has a negative mood to it.

Thank you! I’ll correct my exercised. I always have a lot of typos. Sorry.