field or realm or area

Could you explain the difference in using such terms as field or realm or area when we are talking about medicine, health care and so on. I wonder if they are interchanable.


By and large they are, but you’d have to give specific examples in context to be absolutely sure.

For example, if I wanna ask somebody in which area/realm/field he or she works. For example, I’m specialist who works in pharmaceutical area (I wonder if “area” is appropriate here) If I ask somebody: tell whether you work in health care or pharmaceutical area, will it be correct?

In that case ‘area’ would not be ideal. ‘Field’ would be the best option of the three.

I suppose you meant
If I want to ask …
‘wanna’ is simply a contraction in speech. It is not grammatically correct and its written form should really only be used where you wish to indicate that someone’s speech pattern.

Thank you Beeesneees! This reply is very helpful!