Fiasco vs failure

Dear All,

I am a new user to this forum. I am very much carried away by this forum for it’s superlative support and splendid friendly discussions. Great work people.

I have a small doubt on when to use the word fiasco. I think, it is opt if the failure is of great severity.


Dear Samrat,

Welcome aboard and many thanks for your encouraging feedback. You are a software engineer from India. Could you please tell us more about your job? When did you start working in the IT industry and how often do you use English?

As for your question, yes, a fiasco is a complete or ridiculous failure. The word is often used in connection with a musical performance or any pretentious of a musical performance, or of any pretentious undertaking.

I’m sure you won’t need neither the word fiasco nor failure in your active vocabulary because you are a positive person who thinks of success, and achievement.

Looking forward to talking to you.

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Dear Torsten,

Thanks for this encouragement. Ya, I am always looking forward to see success in my every steps.

Then, I have more than 3 years of experience in this software field. It is very challenging field and gives oppertunities to learn great technologies. Then we use to talk in English so often. This English is a very interesting language which always has something to teach.

I just want to make myself a regular reader and contributor of this forum.


Hi again,

When did you start learning English and where? I suppose English is more a second language to you than it is a foreign language? A lot of people in India speak English fluently, don’t they?
What kind of software do you create? What programming languages do you use?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

Ya, you are right. Despite English is a secondary language in India most of the professionals speck it very fluently. My mother tounge is Tamil(One of the Indian languages). English is always one of the subjects in our school studies. This language , by it’s very nature is facinatting me at it’s best. In my college days I used to learn atleast two/three words everyday.

Then I am developing Network management software products which mainly use Java,C , SNMP, JMX etc.



Do you have any contact with native speakers of English at your place of work? Where did you aquire your programming skills? Have you ever been abroad?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Tortsten,

Being a software Enginner some time I need to have a telephonic coversation/conference with our clients. At times I found it difficult to cope up with their slang.

I joined in this comapny as a freash employer hence all my skils have been acquired here only

No not yet.

Have you ever been to India?


Hi Samrat,

So you have to communicate with clients in English over the telephone. Are those companies from India and you speak to them in English because you don’t understand their mother tongue and they don’t understand yours? As for me, no haven’t been to India yet but the British person who has recorded the MP3 files on our website has travelled to India several times and he wants to get there again next year.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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The slang and pronunciation of English vary from country to country. Our Indian pronunciation is some how different. I guess it won’t be as par with the native speekers. But Here we follow britain english.