few hours are or is

If we say “a few hours of Photoshop work” the verb should be singular or plural?

e.g. “A few hours of Photoshop work are/is hard work.”

Hi Allthewayanime,

The singular ‘is’ would be the one to use in your sentence.
We typically use the singular verb when referring to single amounts/quantities or measurements of time, weight, money and distance.

There is a single amount of Photoshop work referred to in your sentence, and that amount is ‘a few hours’.

Other examples of this way of using singular verbs:

  • Six hours of sleep is never enough for me.
  • Fifteen dollars is too much to pay for an ice cream cone.
  • Five miles is a long way to walk to school.

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Hello Esl_Expert,

It’s a pleasure to see you posting on the forums after a long absence.