Fernando in Swedish

Is there anyone who can translate the text of this song. I’d love to sing it, but I can’t put the right emotions in it, if I don’t know what the text means. It might be the same as the English version. By the way, the song was sung only by Frida and later on it was sung by Abba of which she was also a member.

Google this:
fernando swedish lyrics translation

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Dear Arinker,

You’re so kind.

For one reason or other you never let me down and also went to look it up, here’s the translation:

Why are you grieving, Fernando?
Why does your guitar sound so sad?
Is it love, Fernando?
Has she left you, your great, great love?
Those who have loved and lost know that it happens from time to time.
The grief can be difficult to bear, but betrayal by friends is something you have to learn to live with.
I have also lost, my dear.
How could you think that this could only happen to you?
Have you got any happy songs to play?
Long live love, our best friend, Fernando.
Raise your glass and propose a toast to it, to love, Fernando!
Play the melody and sing the song of happiness.
Long live love! To love, Fernando!
Shall we propose a toast to eternal love and faith that lives in every song?
Or toast to each other?
Would you drink for the happiness that I once had?

But she hasn’t left me, but he has, at least I think he has, but then again he hasn’t, he’ll never leave me and will always love me and I him. There will be a time when we’ll be together and it all depends on the healing process. I need time for myself right now. You’ll understand that, won’t you Arinker?