fellow Premier League club

[b]It prompted wild celebrations from the visiting players and supporters, all revelling in Everton’s first victory at Chelsea since 1994 and their first away win against a fellow Premier League club in the FA Cup since 1990.

  • I took it that “their first away win against a fellow Premier League club in the FA Cup since 1990” is referred to any PL club, including Chelsey. Am I right?
    Thanks in advance.



is referring to any PL club, including Chelsea…

But what you seem to be forgetting is Chelsea is only a bunch of over-paid under-performing nancy boys…
Nancy-Boys - referred to by George Orwell in his Book "Down and Out in Paris and London. Early 20th century men, usually androgynous and well dressed that frequent trampish parts of London with a suggested tendency to homosexuality, though not explicitly pronounced.
"The charge was elevenpence, but it was a dark, evil-smelling place, and a notorious haunt of the ‘nancy-boys.’ Downstairs, in the murky kitchen, three ambiguous-looking youths in smartish blue suits were sitting on a bench apart, ignored by the other lodgers. I suppose they were ‘nancy-boys.’

They deserve everything they get for putting the knife into Ray Wilkins
Their fall from the top after this treachery has been as poetic as it has been spectacular.

Thanks both Beees and Political Lurker. Sorry for my grammatical mistake you kindly pointed at. As to Chelsea: totally agree, never have felt respect to them, unlike other English clubs. For me, English football is a treat, if you see what I mean. Take yesterday’s Man Utd vs. Crawley. Where on earth the club " being 93 places higher in the pecking order" /what is it, by the way?/ could meet such fierceful resistense? Glory to those Big Hearts!
Best wishes.