Favourite writer?


Do you have a favourite writer whose first language is English? Personally I just can’t get enough of P G Wodehouse. How about you?


Hi Alan!

I wouldn?t say that I have a favourite writer whose first language is English. Particular because I?m not very approved in your language. But I have liked for a long time reading Robert van Gulik?s stories about a chinese area supervisor who seems to have really existed. I didn?t know what my attention was been token to this detective stories. But now having a look at them I think it must have been written in English because the translation to the German often refers to the English gerundium and past participle.


I love some of the authors who write about the life of Chinese immigrants and their children in the United States. The one most people know is Amy Tan, but I also love things written by Gish Jen, whose story “Who’s Irish?” is extremely funny to me. I also love the way Kim Wong Keltner writes, because her images and use of language can be quite amusing. She’s also very perceptive.