fall down and

Are these both correct:

[color=red]1-He did not fall down and break his hip. He fell down and broke his arm.
[color=indigo]2-He did not fall down breaking his hip. He fell down breaking his arm.


Hi Navi,

The sentences in (1) are OK.

The sentences in (2) don't work. They are not logical because it sounds as if you are trying to say this:

* 2 - [color=red][i]He did not fall down (while he was) breaking his hip. He fell down (while he was) breaking his arm.[/i]

If you wanted to use the second sentence in (2), then it would have to have a comma:

[i]- He fell down[b][size=125],[/size][/b] breaking his arm.[/i]

With the negation in the first sentence of (2), even the addition of a comma doesn't help much. I'd say it's still a very unlikely sentence.

[i][size=75]"Back before I injured my hip, I thought going to the gym was for wimps." ~ Bo Jackson[/size][/i]

He fell down, having broken his arm.

Hi Esl, could this form be of any help? Thanks

That gives yet another meaning: the reason he fell down is because he broke his arm.