Expression: "To have a class"


Please see below:

1- I have a class right now.

[color=red]Does it mean you are a student, teacher or could be any?


P.S. By the way, is the sentence in red grammatically correct?

“Does this mean you are a student, a teacher, or could it be either?”

It could mean either.

Hi Tom,

What class are you travelling in? =En quelle classe voyagez-vous?

To have class = Avoir de la classe.

He used to give a class in history. = Il donnait des cores d’histoire.

I think it’s clear now for you.


I’m afraid it’s unclear for me. Though I’m familiar with the meaning in English, I don’t know the meaning of the word “cores” in French. Does the word “cores” exist in French too? The French sentence would be clear to me with the word “cours” — which is similar to the English word course. But with “cores”? What is that? :?

By the way, do you know French, Tom? [size=84](If so, I have a few further questions about the French in this thread…)[/size] 8)

Let’s hope we’re not treading on Van Khanh’s corns, but that’s the word that came to mind when I read ‘cores’, since it sounds like ‘cors’ (French for ‘corns’, among others). Our friend obviously meant ‘cours’ (class, course). He also happily (and perhaps correctly) assumed that Tom speaks French.


It’s the word cours.
It’s only the typo. :smiley:

You wrote:
If so, I have a few further questions about the French in this thread…

Please tell your questions, I’m always share with you my opinions in my humble knowledge. (I am not good in English, so, if in my English sentences, there are any mistakes, please fix them for me).


Thanks, Conchita. :lol:

My French is a little rusty and my French dictionaries are packed at the moment. But now you’ve got me trying to picture a guy who ‘used to bestow the corns of history’. :lol:


Now, isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? Although thank God nobody else is able to see into it – imagine the embarrassment sometimes!

Hi Van Khanh,

There is no point in trying to give explanations to points raised by subscribers in French. I would point out that the language of communication and explanation and very often illumination is English.


Yes, Sir :slight_smile: