Expression "There's no point of/in"

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Take a look at this examples:

1.- There´s no point IN/OF sending you to school
2.- What´s the use OF/IN sending you to school?
3.- There´s no use OF/IN sending you to school
4.- It´s no use sending you to school

I have realized that the prepositions in/of are used indistinctly when using the sentences “there´s no point…”
“there´s no use…”, “what´s the use…”. Is that correct? Or is there any difference between the usage of “IN” and “OF”?

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There is no point in…
What’s the point of…

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And, what about “use of/in”? Is it the same as “point of/in”?

1.- What´s the use OF sending you to school?
2.- I don´t know what is the use OF sending you to school
3.- There´s no use IN sending you to school.

Are these three examples right?

Thanks again!


There is no use (in) arguing any more.
It is no use trying to escape - no one ever gets out of here.
Try not to get depressed - after all, what’s the use of worrying?
What’s the use of…? (ALSO What use is…?)

Hope it helps!

Hello! It helps a lot. I appreciate it very much!

Thanks indeed!