Expression: "Suffer the jerks of buses"

Hello everybody

Please see below:

Since she did not want to suffer the jerks of buses, she took a (comfortable)taxi.

Do you find this expression correct and appropriate? Are there better substitutes?


Hey Amy

I am pretty sure you did not like the question. :shock:

Well, how right I am?


Well, Tom, I can understand someone not wanting to suffer jerks, but what exactly do you want to describe in the sentence? Just a generally bumpy ride on a bus? Lots of lurching stops before reaching the destination? (Obviously the woman in the sentence is not thinking about the delights of a NY cab, otherwise she’d have probably stuck with the bus.8))

Is that your own sentence? Or did you read it somewhere?

Hi Tom
It’s typical for buses when they are old and out of fix :smiley:
Uneven road can be the reason of jerks either :smiley:

Hi Tom,

Your phrase

definitely sounds a bit strange. As a verb suffer often has a very strong emotional flavour as in suffer hardship/grief/loss and jerk has the idea of sudden (often accidental) movement as in jerk someone’s elbow when they are trying to write something.

I’d be happier with put up with the jolts on buses. Put up with is more down to earth and suggests tolerate and jolts are the sudden movements you feel when you are riding over a bump/hole in the road.