Expression: "So much as"


I am having trouble understanding the complete use of the phrase [size=150][color=red]So much as[/size].

Could you please explain it to me along with a couple of examples?


Hi Tom

Look here:

and here: … so+much+as

and here: … so+much+as


Hey, Amy, loads and loads of thanks! :smiley:

Having learnt the use of so much as I am making some sentences. Could you please tell me if they are (100%) OK? :lol:

1- She can not so much as make herself a cup of tea.

2- He did not so much as speak to me.

3- He cannot so much as speak correct English let alone write!

4- He did not so much as call to ask after me no to speak of coming to my house.


Looks good, Tom.

[size=75]I’d add a[/size] “t” [size=75]to number 4, though. [/size]:wink: