Expression: "Simply type in the keywords..."


Would you say that the above sentence is complete? I think the subject is missing! Type what? I think it should be:

…simply type the tests/ sentences you are looking for…

Just some thoughts…


Hi Tom,

Sorry not with you on this. The subject in the instruction is understood to be anyone reading it. You’ll find that sort of instruction on a packet of food. It could say: Simply put in a saucepan and boil for 5 minutes. In other words, you reading the instruction do that.


Both sentences are complete. The first one is missing the subject because it’s in the imperative. The implied subject is “you”.

I think you’re getting confused by the phrasal verb “type in”, which is like “fill in”. The direct object of “type in” is “the keywords”. The keywords are what you’re supposed to type.

Sorry, simple [color=red][size=200]dyslexia[/size]

I have been reading “in the keywords” as “on the keyboard”

Do we agree now? :shock:


Now I’m really confused!