expression "pull assault"

Hi everyone,
I’d like to ask a question about the expression ‘pull assault.’
The situation is as follows:
(Two soldiers talking)

  • So what you in for?
  • I pulled assault.

What does the phrase imply? Did he hit somebody? Or did he threaten to hit somebody? Or did he just offend somebody?

In that context, it seems like he got in trouble with the law for assaulting someone. When he went before the judge, the judge gave him a choice of doing jail time or joining the military (which, yes – this still happens).

Now, another use of pull and its various forms is to say that you were selected for something or it was your turn for something. (“Man, I pulled latrine duty again.” means “I really do not like the fact that I was selected to clean the bathroom again.”) Pull can also mean that you performed an assigned task. (“I pulled guard duty last night” means “I performed guard duty last night”)

Thank you very much, auldglory.

Any time.