Expression: Possessive about one's language


Could we say that:

1- She is very possessive about/ with her use of the English language.

The intended meaning is that she does not like being corrected or interfered as far as English is concerned.


Are you referring to a native speaker or a non-native speaker, Tom? :lol:

Instead of the word “possessive”, you could possibly use “touchy” or “sensitive”, for example.
She is very touchy about people questioning her English.

“Defensive” might also work:
She’s defensive about her use of English.

If she tends to make mistakes fairly regularly but refuses to accept the fact that she’s made a mistake (or mistakes) when told:
She’s quite pigheaded about her use of English.” :lol:

Using the word possessive makes me think of the way some British English teachers react to Americans who teach English… 8)