Expression: Perfectly well


Does that widely used perfectly well sounds fine to you?

It’s in use… they use it in plenty… but to my Russian ears it sounds rather strange.
Should be either ‘perfect’ or just ‘well’ :slight_smile:

Do you use the expression?

Hi Tamara!

You know my English is everything but perfect. :roll: But the expression perfectly well sounds to me like absolutely well i.e. there isn?t any increase possible 8)


Hi Tamara

Are you referring to sentences such as this:

I have no idea why he told you that when he knows perfectly well it isn’t true.


Hi Michael!

Our English is our everything! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your validation.
I know what ‘perfect’ (or ‘excellent’) means. I am also aware what ‘well’ means.
But the expression absolutely well sounds to me as a joke. :slight_smile:
Even though I can use (perfectly well) simple baby phrases like “I know perfectly well …”

Not yet :slight_smile:

‘Quite usual’ sentences, such as these:
[i]I’m perfectly well set up for remote working.

He may be perfectly well trusted with large sums of money. [/i]

mighty well

Oh… that’s English…

Don’t forget mighty good. :lol:

…and mighty fine is also mighty fine… :slight_smile:

hi my friends ı want to know what “so case” means

how is this sentences used??

Hello Harunaksoy and welcome!

‘So case’ doesn’t mean anything (I think). Where or in which context did you hear it? It sounds a bit like ‘it’s okay’, ‘suitcase’ or ‘(pen)cil case’!