Expression: "Pain in the neck"


Until two/ three years ago I had known the phrase “Pain in the neck” figuratively. But I am proud to say that not I also know it in its literal sense. :frowning:

Maybe because of desk work or computer or whatever I developed this bad ( I am using the lightest adjective, though bad is not the word for it) cervical pain! I had several X-rays taken but they revealed nothing. Of course, the doctors gave me one word answer…STRESS. Having suffered from it or while suffering from it, I am convinced that it may get you relieved from your service/ job and make your life pretty miserable.

I would like to know if anyone out there also suffers from cervical and has been told that it is just stress! How many of you have tasted a collar? Hard one or a soft one? Does exercise help in this case?


Hi Tom,

I think your doc is right in saying that your neck ache is caused by stress. As a matter of fact, most of our illnesses have mental reasons rather than physical ones.
Ask yourself this question: Why does my neck hurt that much? It’s because you don’t sit at your computer. Now, why don’t you sit properly when you are at work? Chances are, it’s because you can’t relax while you are working. Your spine is too tense for too long. So, try to analyze your thoughts when you are at work. Keep reminding yourself that your health is much more valuable than any job. When you start worrying you are bound to lose your job anyway, so why worry in the first place?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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