Expression: "My camera can take videos."


Do you find the following sentences OK? Are they same?

1- My camera can take videos.
2- My camera can make a movie.


Apart from the fact that it takes more than just a camera to make a movie :slight_smile: (a movie is a cinema film), both your sentences seem to be fine.

Hi Conchita

Thanks a lot, but if I am celebrating my birthday party, and you with the help of your mobile/ camera are making a movie (live video) of that party…or am I going stray? :shock: What would you say?

1- I made a movie of Tom’s birthday party.
2- I made a video of Tom’s birthday party. (Is “live” necessary before video?)


I made a video of Tom’s birthday party’ is what I’d probably say.

The word ‘live’ is unnecessary, to my mind.