Expression: "It's you who is always..."


Could you please tell me which of the following sentences is more natural and correct?


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I think if you refers to a group of people, then the second option is right. On the other hand, if you refers to a single person, then the first option is preferrable.

Hi Tom

Using the third person singular in your sentences would sound most natural to me.

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Thanks for the answer but I think I need some more light here.

Can we say?

Why or why not?

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Hi Tom

In that sentence, I’d use ‘need’, but I would also add that in informal English you’ll probably hear “It’s them who…” more often.

Your question is one that often generates lots of debate about what is “correct”. That’s one reason I simply told you what sounded most “natural” to me in my first post.

There is a good discussion about this topic here:
It’s you who is/are answering me

I agree with what Jim wrote there.

i think it is Are because of the person you are talking to.