Expression: In the street

''I’m going in the street correct?

Incorrect. Use ‘Dear Teacher,’

I’m going along/down/up the street.

Hi MM,
I wonder if ‘dear teacher’ is natural to native speakers… I usually just hear ‘dear sir/ madam/ Mr Micawber/ Ms…’

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MM: people don’t say “Dear teacher” because teacher is a profession, not a name. Pple often say Dear sir/madam like Nessie said.


Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m going along/up/down the street.


'Dear Teacher’ is a perfectly acceptable greeting on a grammar forum where the teacher’s name is unknown. It would also work fine as a greeting on an excuse note:

"Dear Teacher,
Sorry I missed class yesterday. I was upchucking in the bathroom.

Jimmy Joe[/i]"

Jimmy: that is a different scenario. I agree with you that when we do not know his/her name, we can say “dear teacher”. However, in most cases, we say “Dear Sir/Madam/Mr.ABC”


What do you mean by ‘most cases’? “Dear Sir/Madam/Mr.ABC” is limited to formal and business letter writing. It is not appropriate at all for the immense numbers of informal notes, letters and emails, as well as forum-, blog- and web-postings that pass between acquaintances and other casual relationships every day-- which includes the original post on this thread.

Ah, what you’re saying is about informal notes. I feel you