Expression: Get denied


I would like to know if the expression Get Denied is correct in standard English.

2- She got denied by her boss.

If it is correct, what does it really mean?


Is that your sentence, Tom? Or do you have context? :?

Ha Ha :lol:

Something I was fearing…

In fact, today a friend of mine asked me to change the given sentence into passive voice.

1- [color=red]The boss denied her.

And the rest is history.

PS: By the way, is passive voice is writen with a small p and and a small v or some other way?


Hi Tom

It seems to me that a more likely sentence would be:

Active: The boss denied her request. (The boss said “No” to her request.)
Passive: Her request was denied. / Her request got denied.

“Got denied” sounds more informal than “was denied”.

You should ask your friend exactly what meaning he/she had in mind. The original sentence could have a number of meanings… most of which seem unlikely to me. 8)

Context needed!

No, passive voice does not need to be capitalized.