Expression for teasing someone


I even do not know how to put it but…

In my native language we have a beautiful expression to tease someone who has just lost a game against circumstances–I mean, circumstances have just made him appear like a fool.For example, a friend of mine very confidently says to me, ‘Your prepare for your exam while I am going to watch this beautiful movie’. And the moment he finishes his sentence light goes out. :shock: Or someone discovers a flat tyre the very second he says, ‘I am going for a very long drive tonight.’

I really do not know I was able to get my point across–but if yes, what expression am I really looking for in English?


Hi Tom

Well, the word you’re looking for isn’t “teasing”.

You could simply say “bad luck”… or a coincidental “twist of fate”…

Maybe someone else will be able to think of something better.


It wouldn’t be ‘schadenfreude’ or ‘malicious glee’, would it? There’s nothing beautiful in that!