Expression: "Be it ever so..."


Could you please tell me if the given expression is OK in everyday English?

Be it ever so. Please look at the sentences!

1- I love this book, be it ever so boring.
2- Be it ever so costly, I am going to buy it.
3- Be she ever so selfish, I still love her. [size=75](More of a tongue- twister, Amy?)[/size]
4- Be you ever so loud, You will not disturb me.


Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

That’s a subjunctive formation, Tom, but that particular format (“Be it ever so”) survives only in the well-known sentence above (as far as I know).

I wouldn’t even attempt to use that particular phrase in any other sentence — unless I were trying to humorously “play with” the well-known sentence (above).