Expression: ‘Another think coming’




What is the meaning? :shock:


i’d say its either a typo, or he’s going to think again

Hi Tom,

This comment is really a sarcastic rejoinder that you make to show you have no intention of doing what the other person thinks or hopes you are going to do as in:

If you honestly think that I am going to give you any more help after all I’ve done for you, then you’ve got another think coming because I have no intention at all of doing so.


Hi Gardengnome,

Welcome to the forum. You mentioned typos and I think there are two of them in your sentence: i should I and its should read it’s. Am I right?


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Hi Tom

I know this expression as “…you’ve got another thing coming”.
Have a look here: … ink+coming



Interestingly enough this comes from the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms: