Expression: "All this while most of the teacher's attention..."


Could you please tell me if this sentence is correct and natural?

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Perhaps either ‘all the while’ or ‘all this time’ Remember spelling of comprehension.


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In fact, I learned all this while from here.

Would you say it sounds odd in everyday English?


It’s OK here:

I think it’s meant to bring you into the presentness of the situation. It intends to lend immediacy to the idea.

Hi Tom

I agree with Alan.:lol: The most common phrasing would be ‘all the while’ or ‘all this time’.
Your text appears to have been written around 1650, so some of the usages are archaic.

As for Molly’s quotes, I’d say her examples of ‘all this while’ should be parsed differently from what you intended. Instead of the word ‘this’ acting as a demonstrative adjective with the noun ‘while’, the word ‘this’ is a demonstrative pronoun referring back to all of what has just been previously mentioned, and the word ‘while’ is a conjunction. In other words, Molly’s examples should be parsed thus:
“And [all this] [while we cruise gently] …”
“And [all this] [while Patrick simply lay there looking]…”

“and all this while, they had not realised he was dead.”

“The day was hell. Too much work. And all this while he lay at home sleeping.”

Here’s a genuine example of the former:


Those do fit the bill, Molly.