Experiences with learning methods and materials?

Hello everybody,

What are your experiences with language methods and materials? I mean, what type of English courses have you attended so far and which materials and tools are you using? There is a great variety of course books, audio programs, online classes, dictionaries, software programs and tuiting methods available and every month new products pop up.
For example Pimsleur audio language courses have been around for decades and lately these programs have become even more popular. Has anybody of you used the Pimsleur method/Pimsleur audio materials? If so what do you think of Pimsleur or any other specific language learning method?
As for online language courses there are such offers as Englishtown.com, Cleverlearn.com or Self-access.com. Have you ever tried any of these? Thanks in advanve. Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!
I dont have a great choice of books for as far as Im just a student Im given some books which our teachers give us (besides they even write them and then we are taught by these books :D ) And as for Phonetics I adore our Phonetics teachers voieces on records and some films with only Englishmen starring. They`ve got good sounds, aspiration and all that stuff! )))

A friend of mine mentioned the Pimsleur method to me the other day and I checked it out on the internet. I can’t tell whether or not it’s effective the only thing I can say is that those audio courses are very expensive. As far as I understand it the Pimsleuer method is based on listening only. I’m not sure how this can work with the English language. I mean how you can learn how to spelll the words when you only hear them?

[color=darkblue]I’m a self taught student but I’ve been meaning to take one these online courses and now that you mention these, I will take a look at them. I just want to keep going like this for a little longer so to try when I think that I can not go further by myself, I assume I’m not ready for the big leagues yet.
It seems to be really appealing when people mention that there are courses where you can interact with your teacher having online audio, that must be quite an enrichment feedback.
[size=150]That’s just what I need[/size],[size=200] practice[/size]

Any other ideas on this subject?

I think the best method to learn a language is to interact with other people. All these courses, books and classes are for people who have no time or idea how to get in contact with others. I mean, why would you pay money for a so called English class where there are 10 to 15 people out of whom only one actually speaks the language you want to learn? So, to me Pimsleur is just an overpriced crutch for people who are too scared or lazy to find themselves other resources enabling them to learn the language.

Hi Openmind,

Thanks for your comments, I certainly agree with - interacting with other people is essential to learning a language. Yet, before you can engage in a conversation in a language that is not your mother tongue you have to learn at least some basic phrases, in other words, you have to start somewhere. That’s why audio materials such as the Pimsleur tapes are very useful for language learners.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I looked at those sites when they were being advertised everywhere. They have dug out an old method and are pushing it as a miracle. I saw nothing there to give much hope. It struck me as dated and full of unsubstantiated claims. I imagine second hand tape prices will crash as more and more try to offload them.