Exiled, deported, expelled, emigrated: Iosif Brodsky


I’m writing an essay about Joseph (Iosif) Brodsky, a Russian poet, 1940-96.
This is my homework.
Could you help me to choose the correct verbs?

Fact (among others):

  • 1963, Iosif Brodsky was charged (formally for anti-social life style, in fact – for “decadence and modernism” of his poetry) and sent to Vorkuta (the North of Russia) for several years.

  • 1972, he was expelled? from the USSR to the US, with denaturalisation (losing Soviet citizenship, fully)

  1. Am I right supposing that the verb exile (was exiled) can be used in both cases, whereas deported – only in the second one?

  2. Does the verb emigrate always implies ‘in accordance to own willing’ and is not suitable in this case?

  3. In what cases/context the verb expel can be used? (My dictionary gives it as a suitable synonym, but it’s not a word from my active vocabulary…)

Hi Tamara

Here are just a few thoughts (in blue). Maybe somebody else will have a more.

Thank you, Amy.

Done :slight_smile:
(with ‘was exiled’, two times)