Excuse my being late?


How common is the phrase ‘excuse my being late’? I would say ‘sorry for being late’ instead. Many thanks, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Rare unless it is very formal for specific reasons.


The most informal expression would be - Sorry I’m late, which you would say among friends/family. I would certainly not say that ‘excuse my being late’ is rare and very formal. I would say it was something you would say if you were arriving late at a meeting, for example. This is simply said out of politeness.


Anglophile / Alan,
‘Sorry for being late.’
Can I use this phrase instead of ‘Sorry I’m late.’
Please comment.


Yes. It changes the emphasis, but is an acceptable substitution.


How about ‘I must apologize for being late’?


It is very polite and formal.