Excuse me/ I beg your pardon

Hi all of you,

Is it correct to say:

  • Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

But when walk past someone and whispers some vulgar words behind your back in order to insult you, is it then possible to say:

  • Excuse me, what did you say just now?
  • I beg your pardon, what did you say just now?

When someone insults you in public, is it then possible to say:

-I beg your pardon!

When you want to apologize to someone:

Can you use ‘excuse me’, and ‘I beg your pardon’

All in all tell me all about ‘excuse me’ and ‘I beg your pardon.’

Thanks you very much

Hey Alexandro,

you can say “Excuse me please”. When the person responds just ask your question instead of asking him/her first can i ask you a question.

When someone insults you, then you can reply “I beg your pardon”
When someone is talking to you and you are not clear what they said, then you can say “pardon me or pardy in short”

When u want to apologise to someone then you can say “please pardon me for be so rude, or please pardon me for what i have done”