Excited fanboy :)

Good day, folks!
My name is Dimitar (Mitko) and Im from Bulgaria. I am 16 and I adore this wonderful site. I study economics and accountancy at school. Ive been studying English since first grade, but I never managed to learn anything from the teachers. All I`ve achieved is a fruit of my hard labour. Even though it may not be perfect, I am happy with it. I am not a versatile person. My preferences are pointed to computers and sports. Oh, and in my free time I study German.
Thanks for reading my brief introduction.

Hi Dimitar,

Welcome to our forum, it’s great to have you around so we can share experiences and learn from each other. Your English is very good and I’d really like to know how you have managed to study the language yourself. You obviously are able to analyze language structures and find patterns.
Could you please tell me a little more about your school? What subjects do you study and when are you going to graduate? Also, you say that you learn German in your free time. Why is that? I take it, you speak at least three languages?

Talk to you soon,

PS: Where did you learn the expression “Good day”? It’s commonly used in Australia I think?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello and welcome to this English enthusiast group, Dimitar!

I’m really impressed by what you have already achieved in your young life. Your great determination and firmness of character is a breath of fresh air. It’ll be great to have you on the team!

Keep working to fulfill all your goals!

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Hello, Torsten!
I have spent many hours watching different TV channels (mainly cartoon network when I was younger : blushes :), computer games. Believe it or not, PC games have given me so much good experience since most of the people there are intelligent and responsive. These two sources helped me extremely much to achieve such a level of knowledge.
The expression “good day” sounds common to me. Thanks for the info, though. I didnt know it derived from Australian form of english. :) My school is an economics based school. Aside from all the usual classes (biology, geopgrapy, maths, etc.), we study different types of economics and accounting. I wanted to study german as my second language because nowadays almost everyone speaks English, and if one knows only the latter, he isnt as competitive as he would be if he knew both German and English.
PS: I will graduate in 2009/2010.

Hi, Mitko!

I’m from Bulgaria, too. In fact when I was reading your posts in this thread I was like :shock:

It could just as well have been me who wrote this part:

It’s so true - TV (CN in particular) and the PC have taught me a lot more than the teachers in school. It’s also a strange coincidence that we happened to find this site practically at the same time. And for the love of all things holy, (I’m not sure if this expression is acceptable here, but am quite startled) German is the other (actually the first) language I study at school!
Anyhow, welcome to the forum and happy English learning! :slight_smile:

Your English really is outstanding. Do you consider going in for an English examination to get a certificate? Maybe you already have one?

Hi, Stanislav!
I am not looking forward to getting a certificate because I don`t think it is THAT necessary for one to attain success. As Torsten said in another thread, life itself is the best test. Best regards and I hope you get your most desired certificate with a straight A. :slight_smile:

Hi Mitko and Stanislav, I’m sure that with a little preparation both of you could easily pass any official ESL exam available. Although holding a certificate might not be necessary to become successful in life, it still can have a lot of advantages.

For example, it could give an additional boost of confidence, you could learn how these exams are structured and administered. It also goes without saying that a Cambridge Certificate or a high TOEIC score looks good on any CV. It all depends on what you exactly you want to achieve.
Let me know what you think.


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Hi, Torsten!
Thanks for the rapid response. Your attitude is completely correct. However, the money factor arises once again… Not that my family can`t afford it, but for Bulgaria the entry fee for those exams is pretty high. Though, with some preparation, as you said, i believe that it is possible to pass, without having to worry about the money you spent.

Mitko, you still have quite some time to decide whether which English exam you want to take. I’m sure in a couple of years you will have plenty of opportunities to earn some money and pay for your exam yourself if you need to.
For a 16 year old (or rather young) you seem to be very goal oriented and organized. What about the other students in your class. Is their English as good as yours?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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haha :smiley: This brought a chuckle :slight_smile: You cannot possibly imagine what my class is like. Most of my class-mates only care about, lets say it that way, “instant gratification”. You infer what that means… It`s sad that their waste valuable years like this.
And about me being well organized, I have to thank my father. Probably I would have been like most of the teenagers, sigh. Great parents I have!

So, do you have any plans as to your plans after your graduate from school? I mean, you still have 3 to 4 years to make up your mind but surely you already know what you want to study?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Yes, actually I do have some plans. I would like to study International Economic Relations if that is the way the subject is called.