everywhere vs. anywhere

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I am new here and I desperately need help. :oops: Could you please tell me the difference between EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE? When should I use the former and when should use the latter? Your answer would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

ANYWHERE refers to an indefinite place. it is used when it is not necessarily important where.

“where shall we go for a drink?” “anywhere”
“where do you want me to put the table?” “You can put it anywhere”

EVERYWHERE is more all-encompassing. so it means in every place, or in all places.

“he carried a notebook with him everywhere he went”

Thanks a lot Benjamin. :slight_smile: But something isn’t clear to me yet. I’ve visited a few sites and they’ve said that we use “any” words - anybody, anyone, anywhere and anything - in negative sentences or questions. Are “any” words really just limited to these sentences? I believed that anywhere could also be used in affirmative sentences, but when I visited those sites, I started to doubt myself. And now, you gave me an affirmative sentence with the word anywhere. Please help me. :?

Thanks in advance.

“Yes, we can achieve our goals by striving and that rule applies anywhere if anybody beleives it”.

God bless.