Everything has a reason

I should introduce myself, but I think it is possible to tell so much although I am writing not directly about myself. You know, I like reading between rows and I can offer something similar to readers of my message. Do you like thinking about world, life, people, relations? I like. All life each of us meet another people and have some level of relations with them. One day we can see world such a wonderful place and another day it is much different. What is the reason? Maybe we had a “bad” night, but the most frequently another people made us to see everything in grey colors. How simple and in the same time how complicated. The same I am. Complicated. There is also possitive moment, but I will not write it about myself. To meet somebody is always nice. We can learn language, receive some new ideas about many topics, we can corret own ideas after all. Never is too late to do it. I wrote here only some of reason why I am “here”. It is such interesting how special is each of us. I am fascinating of it. And what about you?